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Multi-Stream IntelliFrame on Intelligent Cameras

Microsoft Cloud IntelliFrame

Today, most cameras in Microsoft Teams Rooms show a view of the whole room. Some cameras might offer “auto-framing”, which can optimize the video feed to focus on the people in the room, but it’s still a wide group shot. This is a challenge for remote meeting attendees to see individual faces in the room depending on the number of participants and size of the frame or to get a full view of the room. This can result in creating a disconnect between the people in the room, and those who are remote.

But now with Microsoft Cloud IntelliFrame, every Teams Room and everyone who participates in meetings will have their own shared physical spaces.


Multi-stream IntelliFrame technology delivers high-resolution IntelliFrame video tiles, people recognition, active speaker tracking, and a room view. A multi-stream IntelliFrame camera sends individual video feeds of attendees in a Teams Room to the Teams meeting stage, identifying the person if they have enrolled in a recognition profile. They can also get their own video stream with a name label, and their names show in the meeting roster.


Other capabilities:

·         People Recognition on intelligent cameras

·         Active Speaker detection

·         Room view (including panoramic views)

·         Microsoft-built AI on OEM devices

·         OEM-built AI integrated into Teams experiences



Overall, Cloud IntelliFrame can help to add some of that personal feel to hybrid meetings. As a dedicated Microsoft partner, we are here to provide you with M365 solutions that are right for your business to achieve success! 

Time to Migrate to GCC/High!

GCC High is designed to provide a higher level of security and compliance for organizations that handle Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and other sensitive government data.  Some key reasons as to why a government contractor should consider moving to GCC High would be to be meet the needs of CUI and its Compliance, Regulatory Requirements, Assured Data Residency, enhanced Audit and Reporting, and most importantly, to be part of the Government Community Cloud.


It's important to note that once you make the next step in moving to GCC High, it may involve transitioning and configuring existing systems, applications, and data to the new environment.  This is the time to assess your specific needs, conduct thorough planning, and work with experts who are approved resellers like us to ensure a successful and secure migration to GCC High.

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