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Are you a good public speaker?

Being a good public speaker continues to be an important trait for business leaders, perhaps more important in the digital age where messages are often delivered via video conferencing systems. 

Entire workforces can be motivated by an excellent speaker. Though public speaking skills come naturally to a few, the rest can learn and master the skill with practice. Here are some scientifically-proven characteristics of effective public speakers you should emulate.

Confidence - this is key, a confident speaker is viewed as competent, credible, smart, likeable. Confidence can be affected by anxiety, the two best remedies for anxiety are excitement and authenticity. If you are passionate about the topic, that feeling will shine through any nerves. Although you should practice your speech, leave room for authenticity, be yourself! A memorized speech can cause you to sound too rehearsed. 

Speak in a natural voice - Being "too perfect", "fake", or having your voice break too often can break any connection you may have already established with your audience. 

Voice Modulations - To be more engaging, avoid talking in a flat tone throughout your presentation. Take speed and inflection into account when you want to emphasize certain sections of your speech. Consider recording yourself and then playing it back. You'll know exactly when and where to make modifications. 

Keep it short and sweet - main point of delivering a speech is to get your point across. Make sure that your presentation is easily digestible for your audience. If you are given a certain time parameter, don't force yourself to fill the entire timeframe, give yourself some time for questions, interruptions, time to connect with the audience. 

The best way to give an inspiring presentation is by having a message that you truly believe in & the audience can connect to it. It takes time to become a good public speaker, take every opportunity to practice: team meetings, weekly status meetings, family events, etc. At the end, the connection between you and the audience is what allows a good reception of your message. 

Microsoft: Windows 11 & Security Score


Microsoft says that it expects to begin shipping new Windows 11 PCs this fall. Microsoft will begin rolling out Windows 11 as a free upgrade to Windows 10 users at the same time, though not everyone will be offered the update straight away. The upgrade to Windows 11 is optional, meaning Windows 10 users can remain on Windows 10 until support is dropped in 2025.


Microsoft continues to upgrade Security standards to most efficiently protect data and resources for its clients.   In this phase, Microsoft is working on getting all companies using Office 365 to improve what they call "Microsoft Secure Score". Microsoft Secure Score is a representation of your organization’s security posture, and your opportunity to improve it.


Following the Secure Score recommendations can protect your organization from threats.  Products included in Secure Score: Microsoft 365 (including email), Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Teams and Application Security.  Security defaults is now part of the Secure Score, which GCD had implemented a while back for all of its clients with Office 365.

Features: Enterprise-wide visibility, Intelligent guidance, Comprehensive controls, identify areas to improve and create a plan, Drive posture improvements into production, Report improvements to leadership.


Next steps:

  • GCD will send out your current score.
  • Compare your score to best recommendations.
  • View improvement actions and decide an action plan.
  • Initiate work flows to investigate or implement.


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