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Tax Season: Peak Season for Hackers

Tax experts are not the only ones busy during the tax season. Hackers also stay busy ramping up their criminal activity with tax related scams targeting tax payers every year. 

Businesses are not excluded to these threats. One of the newest methods for hackers is to take advantage of the increase in file sharing among enterprises. The pandemic has forced businesses to become more digital than ever, and that has made the sharing of files via email or cloud service more common. It only takes one person to be tricked and the whole network could be infected. 

It is imperative business owners understand the kind of techniques being used and how to protect themselves proactively. 

Using third parties and cloud environment to share infected files

Speak with your security professional and learn about the security level your cloud service offers, as well as cloud or storage services any third party that shares information with you and vice versa. Once a hacker infiltrates a cloud environment they can upload malware or ransomware

Getting into Emails and Posing as Employees 

Cyber criminals are able to impersonate individuals from the company, usually posing as top executives in an attempt to lure victims into making unauthorized payroll payments, cash gifts, or share sensitive information. Security Awareness training is the best defense against these type of attacks since it gives employees the knowledge to be able to spot these attacks. 

Re-evaluate Security Strategies Periodically

In an ever-changing business and technology landscape, one-size-fits-all security strategy is not enough. Enterprises need to define a security plan and revisit the same periodically, especially after big changes in operations. It is vital to speak with your security professional and learn about ways to enhance security postures and incorporate various tactics to be used together. 

Business owners need to prioritize data security and ensure measures do not hinder productivity. Employees needs to feel empowered to conduct business operations securely. 


1. Windows 11 is here

We are in the process of sending recommendations to our customers about systems eligible for upgrade to Windows 11. There are a few systems that have already been upgraded and users are loving it.

Note that the systems not eligible for upgrade to Windows 11 can continue to use Windows 10. Updates and security patches will be supported by Microsoft until 2025 for Windows 10. 

2. Retiring Teams mobile support for certain Androids

Microsoft is retiring the Teams mobile support on Android version 5, 6, and 7. It is recommended to upgrade to newer Android builds. Microsoft also recommends to update to the newer version of Teams if running builds older than 1 year. The retirement will be as follows: 

Android 5 - March 2022

Android 6 - July 2022. Will continue to provide last supported version in the Play Store until September 2022

Android 7 - September 2022. Will continue to provide last supported version in the Play Store until December 2022.


3. OneDrive sync not supported on certain MacOS 

Reminder - The OneDrive team has ended support for the OneDrive desktop application (sync client) on macOS Sierra 10.12 and macOS High Sierra 10.13. Going forward, only the three most recent versions of macOS will be supported. When a new major version of macOS is released, the new version and the previous two versions will be supported. This is in effect since September 10th, 2021. 

Note: Both MacOS Sierra 10.12 and macOS High Sierra 10.13 have been out of Apple's mainline support since September 2019 and November 202, respectively. 


Free IT Classes

GCD is reaching out to existing customers and community organizations to offer free IT Learn sessions. 

The sessions will cover basic IT related topics for everyday use at home and work. This is an opportunity to engage with our community.

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