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Tax Season is Upon Us: Beware of Scams!

Every year, the bad guys take advantage of innocent taxpayers, like you, who are patiently waiting on their tax return.

Last year, the IRS noticed a significant increase in phishing attempts to steal money or tax data, therefore you must be on high alert.

How it Happens: Tax Scams and Malicious Activity
The bad guys have a number of tax-related tricks up their sleeves when it comes to stealing your money and/or sensitive information. Here are a few examples of sophisticated tax scams that have been found in the wild:

1. Scammers send emails posing as tax service companies by spoofing emails and using stolen logos. Once you respond to the email with personal data or tax information, they can pocket your hard-earned money.

2. Similar to the scam above, the bad guys send look-alike emails containing hyperlinks that lead you to malicious websites or fake PDF attachments that download malware or viruses to your computer.

3. Tax scams aren’t limited to emails! Be on the look out for callers posing as IRS representatives claiming you owe money that must be paid immediately. The callers typically threaten arrests, deportation, or suspension of business or driver’s license.

Keep in mind, these are only a few examples and these scam artists are constantly coming up with new ways to fool you.

How Do I Know it’s a Scam?
Always remember the following during tax season, and all year long:

1. The IRS will always mail a bill before calling you about taxes owed.

2. The IRS will never ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone.

3. The IRS will never immediately threaten to arrest you for not paying taxes owed.

4. The IRS will always offer the opportunity to question or appeal the amount owed before demanding your payment.

5. The IRS does not use emails or text messages to discuss personal tax matters, such as taxes owed or tax refunds.

Only share sensitive data over email when there is no other alternative and you’re certain the recipient is valid.

Don't Let Technology Tie You Down: Learn the benefits of Managed IT Services

If you don't have an IT team or you are relying on your in-house IT team to maintain your systems? It might be time for a change.

What is Managed Services?

The term managed services refers to the practice of outsourcing business management responsibilities to a third party. Examples of managed IT services include: Cloud Storage, Server Maintenance, Data Backup & Disaster Recovery, Authentication, Network Monitoring & Security, Systems Administration, Infrastructure Management, and more. 

Small and medium-sized businesses require access to the latest technology to grow but lack the IT budget do it. Managed services enable these businesses to play at the same level as big enterprises without breaking the bank. That's one of several benefits.

1. Prioritize Objectives

Your IT needs will grow as your business grows, and that means increased workload and stress for your staff, especially those who are not tech-savvy. Managed IT services free up employees to focus on the jobs they were hired to do. 

2. Get Subject Matter Experts (SME)

New technology doesn't have to be a problem. If your team does not have the knowledge or experience to support a business solution, you may not need to hire and train new employees. Many managed services providers offer an entire team of IT specialists at a flat monthly rate, and you may the option to add or remove specialists based on the needs of your project.

3. Low Costs 

Managed IT services eliminates costs associated to hiring, training, and lowers the cost of labor. Since you sign a service level agreement (SLA) that is made specific to your needs, you don't have to worry about unexpected costs. 

4. Gain a Partner

Rather than working with multiple people, when you hire managed IT services, you get a dedicated team that knows your business solutions inside and out, and that team is led by manager who will become your single point of contact and your partner in success.

5. Cut-down on Expensive Downtime 

Managed IT service does not focus on solving problems after they happen, instead managed service providers take a proactive approach to maintenance. Active monitoring, diagnostic, and troubleshooting detect problems before they ever become an issue. In the event things go wrong, managed IT specialists can provide expert backup and disaster recovery service to get system back online. 

6. Receive support when and how you need it 

Most managed IT services offer 24/7 flexibility, on-call options, weekend support; providing support on-site or remotely. 


Important Announcements

1. Microsoft Teams introduces meeting recap in the calendar event details tab

The new meeting recap feature in Teams helps meeting attendees and those unable to attend a meeting stay up-to-date by providing the meeting recording, transcript, and chat all in one place. These are automatically shared in the Chat tab and viewable in the Details tab.  

2. New Teams meeting lobby setting - only invited users join directly

Teams meeting organizers can have greater control over their meetings by enabling a new lobby setting where only Calendar meeting invited users will be able to join directly.

3. Microsoft Teams will queue sent messages when offline

A new offline experience for Microsoft Teams for the web and desktop helps users be productive even without a network connection. Both phases of this new experience will be completed by mid-February.  

4. Teams desktop app for Mac: Include computer sound in a meeting

The Microsoft Teams desktop app for MacOS will soon allow users include their computer's sound when sharing either their desktop or a window in a meeting. This rollout will be completed at the end of February. 


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