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Cybersecurity Tips You Should Consider During the Holiday Season

Cybersecurity Holidays

Organizations experience 30% more ransomware attacks during the holiday season, with a 70% average increase in attempted ransomware attacks in November and December compared with January and February.

A lot happens during the end of the year, making it challenging to defend a complex IT infrastructure. Most people, including your employees, are busy preparing for the holidays while trying to wrap up year-end processes. The frantic pace often causes people to let their guard down. With fewer IT resources, it’s harder to identify and fix issues immediately, leading to vulnerabilities and giving hackers a bigger window to infiltrate your systems or data.

With so many things going on, where should you focus your resources? We’ve pulled together a list of cybersecurity tips for the holidays to help prioritize your efforts:

    1. Automate digital certificate renewals
    2. Educate employees about phishing scams
    3. Establish an incident response plan for the holiday period
    4. Implement password less solutions
    5. Conduct certificate discovery pre-holiday
    6. Exercise caution with public Wi-Fi and hotspots
    7. Update website and software to eliminate vulnerabilities
    8. Consolidate external vendors and services
    9. Run daily website backup
    10. Lock down privileged accounts


Organizations must heighten their security measures and stay vigilant during the holidays. Strengthen your security posture by automating workflows, streamlining processes, and educating your employees on the latest best practices! 

IT Asset Management

Are Your Assets ready for the Holidays?

With the holidays, cyber criminals seem to sneak in while others are too involved with the holiday spirit and that’s when damage is really done if businesses aren’t taking into consideration of protecting their IT assets such as hardware and software.


IT Asset Management (ITAM)’s primary purpose is to manage the IT asset lifecycle but increasingly it has an important role to play in cybersecurity by inventorying assets and identifying missing patches and other security vulnerabilities.

There are a number of areas where IT asset management processes can be applied and with the help of ITAM tools, organizations like yours can identify and track all IT assets, ensure software license compliance, identify unused software, manage patching and updates, and monitor and detect vulnerabilities.

If your business is ready to choose the right ITAM tool to keep their IT assets and investments secure this season then contact us to help guide you towards best practices with ITIS! 

~ Happy Holidays ~

The GCD family sincerely wishes you and your family/friends a safe and happy holiday this month!

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