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Planning and Design

We take the time to understand your needs upfront, listen to how you perform your work and identify both cost and time saving opportunities. We then design right-sized but expandable solutions that will help your business grow. Our solutions maximize the effect of every IT dollar. Our Free IT evaluation and consultation helps you understand what you can save and how IT can help you expand your business.

Service Desk and Onsite IT Support

We understand that your needs are dynamic and not bound by a "9 to 5" schedule. With the expanding number of IT options including desktops, applications, printers, tablets and phones; problems can strike at any time. We offer a number of IT support options that range from emergency 24x7 support services to "buy by the drink" IT support to keep your costs down. We provide proactive support across many desktop and mobile operating systems including Windows, Apple, Android and Linux; anticipating business needs and solutions.

Data Processing and Storage Service

We provide essential services and solutions for your data lifecycle management needs that include storage infrastructure, disaster recovery, and data protection. We take the time to understand your business needs and design solutions that match the right technology to your business requirements so you can lower the cost of your infrastructure, confidently protect your business and ensure accessibility to your data, and reduce backup times.

Managing Outsourced Services

Small and Mid-Size businesses often overpay for the IT they receive. It is often more cost effective and advantages to “buy IT by the drink.” We offer “buy by the drink” high quality IT solutions to small and mid-size businesses, creating a “large company” IT experience. The solutions may include mobile or remote accessed: email, time-keeping, financial applications, collaboration, IM, document storage, data backup and many others. However, the challenge to a small and mid-size business is negotiating, implementing and managing each of the services from multiple vendors. We deliver end-to-end support across multiple vendors saving business owners the time and aggravation of managing potentially complex service agreements. We also create customized solutions with service-level agreements that suit your specific needs and maximize your IT investment.

Mobile, Networking and Telecommunications

We understand the needs of Small and Mid-size businesses.  The workforce is agile and mobile, needing to keep in touch with their customers, account information and supply reliably at any time and from any location. They must have the freedom to meet their clients, move from location to location, and collaborate with others in many different locations. We provide mobile, wireless and point to point wired devices and networks to support our fast-moving customers, simplifying network operations with a consistent operating system for routing, switching, and security, platforms, and with options that help consolidate network equipment and reduce IT maintenance costs. Our solutions are designed to connect real-time, critical applications and services to users at their customers' locations, on the road and company sites.

Application Development

We meet your business needs, improve business workflow, and identify efficiencies through automation while reducing application footprints, costs and risks while supporting a growing expectation around innovation and user experience. Adding more technology is not necessarily the answer. We work to extract more business value from fewer, existing applications, or custom applications and take advantage of emerging application delivery models, such as Cloud and Software as a Service, to ensure users are able to use their applications from anywhere at any time.

Web Design

We provide essential web design solutions for your business. Whether your business needs a new website or just a revamp, we can design a website that will work specifically for you business needs.


GCDus is small business Software development and IT consulting company provides IT consulting, design, development, implementation and support of softwares using cutting edge technologies.

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